How it Works

Assortify makes it so simple to do product research, you'll wonder how you lived without it! Our flexible upload process allows you to submit large batches of products and gives you the results in a few hours! You can use any type of excel spreadsheet, no matter what columns are included. You can not only use our reporting interface to review your results, we even email you the results for each run! Check out below to learn more about how flexible and fast Assortify is to use.

1. Upload your products or search keywords

Assortify's upload process allows for maximum flexibility. You can use any xls or xlsx spreadsheet that you likely already have laying around. On our Pro and Enterprise plans, you can even schedule your list to run weekly or daily. You can also enter up to 3 keywords to do keyword research for the product information you are looking for.

  • Your Price
  • Product Name
  • Keywords
  • Your Cost
  • Additional Costs
  • Quantity/Case Pack
  • Choose your Sources

2. Assortify searches for the products

Sit back and relax as Assortify does all of the heavy lifting. We automate the process of someone manually searching for thousands of products to get you the information you need fast! We search out the top retailers, marketplaces and comparison shopping engines to get you competitor prices, margins, best sellers, reviews, and more.

3. Review your results

We email the results directly to you so you don't even have to remember to log back in. You can also review the results in our reporting system. Assortify brings back information that will help you make data-driven decisions on your product assortment and pricing.

  • Competitor Price
  • Reviews and Rating
  • Amazon Sales Rank
  • Price Difference in $ and %
  • Link to Product Page
  • Margin Analysis in $ and %
  • Number of Marketplace Sellers
  • and More!
Try it yourself. It's free & takes less than 60 seconds to get started.