About Us

In the beginning...

Assortify started with a simple mission - to automate the process of evaluating new products with a focus on high customer demand and higher margins. We saw a need to have a more data-driven process for adding new assortment to our product catalog. This need came up over and over again in our time spent working at and consulting for e-commerce companies.

There has to be a product that can help us, right?

If there was, we couldn't find it. So, we decided to build it. After much time spent researching and then many more tiring nights of coding, testing, fixing, and polishing, Assortify was born. Our technology was built to take the guesswork out of product decisions. Assortify helps sift through the thousands of possible products and focus on the one's that customers actually wanted, with the highest possible margins.

A revelation!

We quickly realized that the same technology we use to evaluate new products could also be used to do competitive pricing. A major revelation! So, we started working again to add competitive pricing as a key feature within the application. Assortify could provide real-time competitive pricing on thousands of products at a price point that was unheard of until now.

What makes our team special

We are passionate about helping e-commerce companies make better decisions about their assortment. Our founders have decades of experience working for the top e-commerce companies in the world in merchandising, technology, and marketing. Not only that, but every person we hire has experience working in e-commerce. We eat, sleep, and breathe e-commerce.