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Assortify provides data from leading retailers, marketplaces, and comparison shopping engines. We're adding more all the time and you can even request new sources!

The most comprehensive product research tool available

Assortify gives you 3 tools in one to help you make smart, data-driven decisions about your product assortment using real-time competitive data.

New Product Evaluation

Evaluate new brands, categories, and products with ease. We calculate your potential margins so you can focus on the most profitable products with the highest customer demand from the get go.

Product Keyword Research

Query leading retailers for keywords related to the products you want to research. Analyze the competitive environment for brands, price points, and groups of products that might make good opportunities.

Competitive Pricing

Load the products you want to track, pick your competitors, and schedule when you want results. Never has it been easier and more cost-effective to get the competitive pricing data you need.

How it works in 3 easy steps

Load Products

Our easy to use interface allows you to choose your
source of data and configure what you would like to retrieve.


Assortify finds the product information requested in a few short hours! So, sit back and relax and let us do all the
heavy lifting.

Get Results E-mailed to you!

We email you the results so you don't even have to remember to log back in. Of course, you can use
our reports to view your results too!

Explore in more detail how Assortify works. It's very flexible and easy to use!

Who uses Assortify?

Assortify helps eCommerce sellers do product research in a fast and efficient way. Track your competitors on a scheduled basis to make sure you pricing your products to sell. Evaluate new product opportunities with ease to allow you to focus on the most profitable and least competitive additions to your assortment. Research new categories, brands, and general keywords to understand the competitive landscape before investing time in new assortment, marketing, and inventory. You can even load your websites zero search result keywords to find products that may fit your customers most requested queries.

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Brands and manufacturers use Assortify to survey the competitive landscape and track their products being sold through retailers. You can monitor your MAP pricing, research markets for new product lines, or understand how your competitors products are positioned with various retailers. Assortify saves you time by quickly finding the product information you need without having to spend hours manually searching websites.

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When you are competing in saturated marketplaces such as Amazon or eBay, you need a tool for finding profitable product opportunities and making sure your products are priced competitively. Assortify allows access to product data from multiple marketplaces to show you the products and sites where the opportunities exist. Assortify can helps you evaluate thousands of product opportunities to find the best sellers and/or least saturated categories. You can even evaluate profit potential before spending any time contacting vendors or adding product content. Time is money and Assortify saves you both!

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